Farm To Table

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Brainworks Gallery is proud to present​​​​

Farm to Table

Thomas Adams    Jungmok Sona Lee
Narsiso Martinez     Stephanie Sherwood  
Mar Cuervo

Join us for the opening!
November 4th from 5 to 8 pm at 

Brainworks Gallery
5364 W Pico Bl.  
Los Angeles Ca. 90019

Exhibition runs from Nov.4th thru Nov. 25th 2017
Artists talk and walk thru Saturday November 25th from 4 to 5 pm.​

The annual season of feasting commences with the month of November; earlier and earlier holiday treats are premiered to tempt the palate and coerce increased consumption. This heightened focus on food is summarized in inescapable advertising images featuring grinning relatives surrounding tables of cornucopian platters. Yet there are countless inverses to these uncomplicated scenes that reflect social inequities surrounding food. More often than not, the story of served food, who grew it, and where it came from is rarely considered. With these considerations in mind, Brainworks

Gallery presents Farm to Table, an exhibition offering broader awareness to personal and societal relationships with food.
The show features five artists: Mar Cuervo, Stephanie Sherwood, Thomas Adams, Narsiso C Martinez, and Junmok Sona Lee. Working in a range of mediums, these artists provide insights into over abundance, farm workers, heavily processed foods, and
even food used as a symbol to explore women in sex work.

In Thomas Adams’ pop art influenced paintings, fast food staples such as burgers, sodas, and fries are cheerfully rendered; the eye-catching pieces
hint at artificiality of the foods as well as their dominant, pervasive, and cult-like status. Stephanie Sherwood’s works articulate meandering forms that conflate and confuse the human body with food. Narsiso C. Martinez’s studio practice focuses on paintings and drawings of farm workers
on discarded fruit and vegetable boxes, making visible the role and presence of the worker on objects of consumption. For this exhibition, Martinez will feature a largescale installation of his boxes stacked into a configuration resembling store displays.

Mar Cuervo will showcase a recent video series, Destroyer, in which the artist documents destruction of overly processed foods that are both aesthetically appetizing and fragile. The actions suggest underlying frustration with food as perfected objects that are manufactured and molded into pristine consumer packages. Junmok Sona Lee will also present a new video work, Mi-in/Meat Market, a filmed performance examining the sex industry in Korean society through the act of cooking Korean BBQ. The artist places significance on the exchange of money for cooked meat: $5 for each piece split 90:10 between artist and performer.

Farm to Table uses the food-filled month of November to urge conversation about the meaning of food and state of food politics within the US and beyond, offering a counter to the season’s indifferent penchant for excess. The exhibition will be on display from November 4 to November 25th at Brainworks Gallery.

Brainworks Gallery is LA’s newest artist run gallery on Mid City’s vibrant West Pico Boulevard. In this diverse neighborhood, Brainworks Gallery will be a showcase for emerging artists, conversation and a truly independent perspective on the artistic voice in today’s world. Erin Adams invited lively dialogue between artists and the city about what it means to have a distinct point of view. As an artist run gallery Brainworks Gallery intends to function as a place to meet new voices that are curated but unconstrained by market forces
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